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5 Eating Habits to Slow Down Ageing

Ageing shows its signs both physically and mentally and sometimes, the reaction to symptoms can drag you towards old age in a much quicker way. The problem is serious because people fail to live their life properly and end up being less interested in living at all.

Ageing shows its signs both physically and mentally and sometimes, the reaction to symptoms can drag you towards old age in a much quicker way. The problem is serious because people fail to live their life properly and end up being less interested in living at all.

You cannot stop ageing right away but slowing down the process is attainable. A number of factors associated with health and lifestyle contribute to your ageing process and even your lifespan. People who are mindful about their health and fitness tend to follow a lifestyle that nourishes them in every way possible.

 Food is an essential part of human life and healthy food is the perfect way to do justice to your body and health.  Remember, a posh lifestyle is not the only way of keeping yourself young. Slow ageing requires a few changes to what you eat and how you eat.

Say No to Big Meals

Your eating habits matter so you better be careful about that. Your diet has a very important role to play when it comes to your health and ageing pace.

If you want to slow down ageing you must follow the famous saying “breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince; dinner like a pauper.” Big meals might give you joy for some time but your health definitely doesn’t like it in the long-run. Eating a lot at one time and skipping other meals of the day can negatively affect your digestive system.

Centenarians in the blue zones are famous for longevity and happiness. The secret is the powerful food practices they follow. Their practices include having a great breakfast and a light dinner, planning to eat 80 per cent full at the beginning of the meal, fasting, cooking at home, and eating with your friends and family.

Such healthy living habits can drastically change your health and appearance at the same time!

Eat Mushrooms and Blueberries

Mushrooms and blueberries are both too delicious and too healthy to be part of your diet. Mushrooms don’t get enough of the fame among spectacular foods but researchers have found that mushrooms contain high amounts of antioxidants that fight ageing by boosting your health. The high levels of ergothioneine and glutathione are very important antioxidants for our body. Even having common types of mushrooms, like the humble white button, can give you high amounts of antioxidants for a healthy life.

Similarly, Blueberries are famous for helping people avoid heart diseases and cancer. Also, recent studies show that blueberries provide essential nutrients to improve your memory and cognitive activity. Along with the benefits of eating fruits and vegetable full of nutrients, blueberries can also prevent serious diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Both these food items can help you fight early ageing in a delicious way. The anti-ageing potentials of mushrooms and blueberries will do wonders to your body to keep you young and lively.

Avoid junk food

Junk food is generally considered as harmful for your health. Avoiding the practicality of such common knowledge can harm your aging process in an unimaginably bad way. There are so many ways in which junk food quickens the ageing process.

Junk food contains chemicals that add flavour, texture and good appearance to the food items you eat. The chemical reactions in your body with such artificial ingredients leave you with some free radicals which are high-energy, unstable molecules that attack your healthy cells and tissues. In such ways, your body lacks the important nutrients needed for better growth and good health. 

Junk food is also one of the primary sources of obesity and poor digestion. Studies suggest that eating while you are stressed can stimulate fats in your body. The stress hormone stops the process of digestion and indirectly accelerates ageing and degenerations.

Additionally, consuming too much refined sugar will also accelerate ageing by damaging your adrenals, which can cause you energy and sleep problems. If you find yourself eating junk food so many times in a week, think and do your body a favour by avoiding as much as you can.

Say yes to more Vitamin D

There are various vitamins that are essential for all your body functions and appearance. The sunshine vitamin also called Vitamin D helps keep your bones strong. It is also helpful when it comes to protection against age-related conditions like heart disease and cancer.

According to one study, in over 2,000 women, those with higher vitamin D levels also had longer telomeres; caps on the ends of DNA cells that determine a cell’s lifespan. With levels of vitamin D, you face a harder time with everyday tasks like walking upstairs, dressing, and even cutting their toenails. 

Medical specialists suggest that one of the most convenient ways is getting 15 to 30 minutes of sun exposure a day for adequate for vitamin D production.  That obviously doesn’t require a proper sunbath but by being outside with normal clothing is just a simple way to do it.

When it comes to foods, you can also get vitamin D from fatty fish like salmon, egg yolks, and fortified foods including cereals. Other food items like some dairy products, orange juice, soy milk, and cereals, Beef liver, cheese, and Egg yolks can help you get enough of vitamin D.

Beware of your carbs and sugar

According to the researches, surge and collision of sugar and simple carbohydrates can lead to decreased energy and mood, a craving for sugar and carbohydrates that disrupts your sleep. These symptoms show that you are ageing faster.  Imbalance of blood sugar is the reason for diabetes that leads to many other diseases.

It is important that your body has enough sugar in the blood needed to have the required energy. Sugar levels beyond that can cause any damage. Every time you eat, it affects blood sugar levels, and when you eat refined sugar and refined flour, it can cause blood sugar levels to rise sharply. Too high or too low sugar levels can develop insulin resistance, which can lead to type 2 diabetes. The best way is skipping processed foods and sugar and keeping a few hours gap between meals. This gap is important to bring blood sugar to equilibrium. The more we know about the effects of sugar levels, the more we can resist sugar intake to avoid diseases like diabetes.

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