Lecturio Or Osmosis

Modern students face several studies related challenges. New tools and techniques are the need of time for effective learning and success. Technological advancements provide much comfort and ease to students in different possible ways.


Modern students face several studies related challenges. New tools and techniques are the need of time for effective learning and success. Technological advancements provide much comfort and ease to students in different possible ways. 

Studying human life and health is not an easy job. People’s lives rely on the skills and knowledge of healthcare professionals. If you are in between the journey towards becoming a healthcare professional and need help with studies, a right tutoring service matters a lot. The first option that pops up in mind is online tutoring services.

Lecturio and Osmosis are two primary renowned online medical teaching services. Both these sites aim to provide efficient ways of learning through various forms of content.

Let’s get into details of both and see which will better work for you!


Lecturio is an online medical study platform providing authentic as well as student-friendly teaching interface. The services provided to the students are designed in a way that covers various forms of teaching techniques to present diversity in learning. The several forms of content for knowledge and learning provide medical students to prepare better and perform the best.


The mission of Lecturio revolves around better learning outcomes for students with some efficient learning tools. The services provided by lectures are proven effective by the learning sciences that make it an outstanding choice among other platforms.

Keeping in view the importance of healthcare professionals for a better world, this platform aims to update the way medical sciences should be taught. The high-quality technological resources convey the knowledge for medical students more effectively than traditional ways of teaching. Keeping the teaching standards affordable and personalized, the platform brings high professionals and enthusiastic students together.

Why Lecturio?

Monitoring and assessment features of this platform are run by professionals which makes it reliable. People working at Lecturio are competent professionals form different fields ensuring the students’ success in whatever course they want to involve. 

One of the best things about Lecturio is that the platform doesn’t only involve those who are students but the extensive content of the sites attract the institutions as well. Lecturio provides guidelines for institutions offering healthcare courses for students and nurses as well. 

The educators group of this platform is composed of educators from prestigious medical schools renowned in the world. The educators from institutions like Harvard University, Johns Hopkins, and University College London ensure high-quality teaching by following strategic directions.


 At Lecturio, there are diverse courses related to medical studies that students can choose. Students can involve in courses like Lecturio Medical or nursing, medical exams, courses etc. This online platform brings you a variety of courses to choose from. For institutions, Lecturio provides effective strategies and content that can help students in a better way. So, this online platform aims to improve the entire medical studies more understandable for future health professionals. 

How Lecturio works?

Registration is free. If you start with a free account, Lecturio will provide access to 20% of all video lectures, quiz questions and access to a collection of textbook articles. For a better experience with Lecturio, you can subscribe to Lecturio premium that offers 1, 3 or 12-month plan. 

Furthermore, there are several other subscription plans such as:

  1. 3-month plan for $27.99/month
  2. 1-year plan for $17.49/month
  3. 2-year plan for $12.99/month
  4. 4-year plan for $8.99/month

To buy a plan of your choice, visit


Two students of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Ryan Haynes and Shiv Gaglani initiated Osmosis with the motive of providing a learning environment outside of the classroom.  This comprehensive platform helps people around the world to understand health more systematically.

This online site provides diverse courses related to the fields within medical sciences. Students can get access to mobile-based apps that can help them study anytime, anywhere. With case questions, schedules, exciting flashcards and group study discussions, Osmosis help you get the best learning experience possible.

On visiting the Osmosis site at, you will find that this platform is more friendly and joyful. One of the distinctive features of this site is that it encourages fun-based learning with creative teaching methods. From its motives and interface, it is clear that the site relies more on creativity and innovation in learning processes.  The site gives an opportunity for students to start with a free trial as well which is much convenient way to start.

As Osmosis provides a build-up schedule for your studies, it becomes easy for you to stay on track and informed. To see improvement, you can solve practice questions sent to you designed according to your schedule.


  • Medicine (MD) and Medicine (DO)
  • Registered Nursing (RN)
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing Practitioner
  • Physician Assistant
  • Other Healthcare Specialities

Osmosis Plans

To learn with Osmosis, you can choose for the below three plans:

  1. 6-month plan for $179
  2. 1-year plan for $199
  3. 2-years plan for $279

To get a subscription of your choice, visit

Lecturio or Osmosis – Which one is better?

The above discussion gives much insight into different features of both Lecturio and Osmosis. You can see the number of similarities in both platforms like diverse courses and assessment features. Yet here, one has to win.

If we go into a brief distinction between Lecturio and Osmosis,

  • Lecturio has more content than Osmosis.
  • Lecturio has various subscription plans with over 55,000+ video lectures, unlike Osmosis that provides 12,000 videos.
  • Osmosis has comparatively less number of plans than Lecturio.
  • Lecturio is a little expensive than Osmosis.
  • Lecturio provides refund 10 days after the purchase. On the other hand, Osmosis issue refund if you within seven days for one year or more of Osmosis Prime membership plans.  

The above distinction will provide you with much help to decide between Lecturio and Osmosis.

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