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Herbalism is the science of medicinal practices particularly based on plants and their extracts. The scientific term for these practices is phytotherapy, where ‘phyto’ means ‘plant’ and ‘therapy’ means treatment. Hence, Herbalism is a traditional and classical method for treating various diseases through plants.

Introduction to Herbalism
Herbalism is the science of medicinal practices particularly based on plants and their extracts. The scientific term for these practices is phytotherapy, where ‘phyto’ means ‘plant’ and ‘therapy’ means treatment. Hence, Herbalism is a traditional and classical method for treating various diseases through plants.

Today, herbs are still being used in a significant portion of the non-industrialized world for treating various diseases. In fact, herbal medicines have started getting more attention as time as progressed and science has conducted researches on these traditions.

The Herbal Academy
The Herbal Academy International School of Herbal arts and Science is an online school which was established in 2011 with a mission of teaching the extraordinary art and science of herbal practices as an honor to our innate connection with nature. Through a variety of courses, the Herbal Academy aims to teach and promote a healthy lifestyle with the use of herbs. Apart from the vast number of high-quality courses, the institute offers collaboration with a diverse and highly qualified team of herbalists.

Inside the Website
The website of Herbal Academy features information regarding all the courses and packages, workshop information and registration, the herbarium (an exclusive website for the premium herbalist community), a shop where the both the visitors and members can browse through several exclusive products, and finally a blog with several interesting and cultivating articles to read.

The Courses & Packages
The online courses offered on the website are split in four different categories and are available for the audience of all experience levels. The Introductory Herbal course, which is a self study program, is offered for $49.50 which is ideal for students with little or zero prior experience in the field. Next comes the Intermediate Herbal course, which costs $99.5 and is suitable for students who have completed the introductory course or those who already have basic knowledge of Herbalism. The third course, namely the Entrepreneur Herbal course is perfect for those who want to establish small businesses of herbal products, and the cost for this too lies at $99.5. Last, but definitely not least, is the Advanced Herbal Course, which has been designed for the students who aim to peruse their careers as professional herbalists, and the price for this course lies at $249.5.

The Herbal Academy also offers packages called ‘Path Packages’, which are actually courses offered collectively with discount. Family Herbalist Path Package is the cheapest path package, which is offered at $133, and includes the Introductory Herbal course and Intermediate Herbal course. Similarly for $232, the academy offers Entrepreneur Herbalist Path Package, which is comprised of the Introductory Herbal course, Intermediate Herbal course, and the Entrepreneur Herbal course. Next is the Professional Herbalist Path Package, which offers the Advanced Herbal course and the Intermediate Herbal course at the price of $324. The Clinical Herbalist Path Package is the most advanced Path Package and it offers the Advanced Herbal course, Introductory Herbal course, and the Intermediate Herbal course at $375.

Apart from the courses mentioned above, the Herbal Academy is offering a collection of short courses in its recently launched Mushroom program. These courses include Botanical Skin Care course, Mushroom course, Herbal Self-Care for Stress Management course, and the Botany & Wildcrafting course starting at $199, $247, $89, and $199 respectively. Among these secondary courses are also the Making Herbal Preparation 101 Mini courses, Herbal Materia Medica course, the Craft of Herbal Fermentation course, and the FREE Becoming an Herbalist Mini course.

The website of the Herbal Academy also features registrations for workshops and topic-specific intensives for the students. Though, the themes and topics may vary from time to time, but for the members of the Herbarium, a library of these resources is available at their website. The workshops and intensives typically start at $39.0.

The Herbarium
One of the most sophisticated features of the Herbal Academy is their Herbarium. This is a premium library of virtual resources such as extensive collections of monographs e-books, articles, presentations, printable charts and videos. Since this site is exclusively designed for the members of the Herbarium, they have a lot more to offer than previously mentioned. The Herbarium also offers member perks such as special discounts with a lot of their herbal partners. More information regarding this is can be availed from the discounts tab when registering.

Apart from that, the Herbarium offers some exclusive intensives for its members, and are built of several in-depth sessions by a team of their leading herbalists, and includes Medias, videos and various writing lessons. For the members of the Herbal Academy, access to the Herbarium costs $45 per year or $3.75 per month. For those in doubt, a trial of 3 days is also being offered which costs $3 and is directly converted into the 1 year plan if not cancelled at the end of the third day.

Another intriguing feature of the Herbal Academy is their exclusive product archive, which can be accessed from their website. From stickers and decals to gift cards and recipe book, the shop has a vast collection of very amazing products all of which are available for international shipments. Similarly, amazing discounts are sometimes available.

The Blog
The blog of the Herbal Academy is regularly updated with new and interesting articles of various genres from time to time. These articles sometimes provide detailed recipes, and new tricks and techniques suggested by their experts.

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